Thursday, March 20, 2014

Two meals and two movies - Welcome aboard SWISS

The Mayfield Senior School is about to take off for their Italy Arts Immersion Tour 2014 with Incantato Concert Tours. Their overnight flight with SWISS will depart today at 8:25 pm from Los Angeles (LAX) and our team wishes them safe travels and a great time in beautiful Italy.

While we recommend that you do get some sleep on the transatlantic overnight flight, you are in for several treats such as hot towels before landing, tasting of different high quality cheeses of Switzerland, in particular the Tête de Moine, Le Gruyère and Appenzeller, at least two warm meals (either vegetarian or meat) served with salad and dessert plus two or more recently released films. Enjoy Oscar winning movies such as Frozen, Gravity or Blue Jasmine on your flight.

For more information on the on-board experience and other news about the airline, visit the SWISS' website.

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